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South Florida Law Firms and Tabs In The Cloud

Cloud computing has become the new normal in most industries, including legal practice. Tech-savvy law firms that look to the cloud have proven to be more efficient and competitive than their conventional counterparts who rely on in-house servers. Investing in Tabs in the cloud enables your teams to work seamlessly from anywhere, anytime, and using any device. Tabs3 is an example of robust practice management, billing, and accounting platform designed to make work easier for modern-day law firms. With this platform, law practitioners can quickly manage their clients’ matters and documents. This article highlights why you need to use tabs in the cloud to streamline operations in your law firm.

Benefits of Tabs in the Cloud

Over the last couple of years, most businesses have migrated their IT services to the cloud, thanks to the enormous flexibility, scalability, affordability, and ease of adoption. So, here are the key benefits of Tabs in the cloud:

Saves Time and Money

Tabs3 is designed for professionals in the legal industry who are interested in transforming billing and accounting and streamlining the management of clients or cases. Deploying your data in the cloud makes you operate more smoothly. The mobility, accessibility, and security that come with using Tabs3 in the cloud to manage your law firm’s cases and accounting is irresistible.

Furthermore, managing on-premise servers and IT in the legal industry ultimately compromises the quality of services you deliver because it’s costly and time-consuming. But, with tabs in the cloud, you don’t have to deal with the inherent challenges associated with owning a server.

Work Remotely

Today, being tethered to a desktop at the office all day is a redundant practice in any field. Lawyers, paralegals, and support staff need to work remotely whenever they feel like to avoid wasting time. With Tabs3 hosting, you can access work-related files, emails, and applications while on a business trip or working after hours from a remote location or at a client site. Imagine a platform that allows you to enter billable time from the comfort of your own home?

Flexible and Scalable

In general, cloud computing is flexible and scalable. A Private Cloud solution allows you to add or remove features, users, and applications whenever you want, depending on your firm’s goals and needs. You can’t compare that level of agility with the rigidity of owning on-premise servers.

Data Security and Compliance

It’s your ethical obligation, as a licensed attorney, to keep your client’s sensitive information secure. As compliance requirements keep getting stricter, cyber-attacks are also becoming more sophisticated and prevalent. Therefore, it’s only inevitable that you use a reputable cloud-based platform that is safe and secure. Some of the security measures that cloud service providers employ to ensure your data is secure include:

•    Regular security patching
•    Multi-factor authentication
•    End-to-end virus protection
•    Active threat monitoring
•    Anti-ransomware and Anti-spy
•    Data encryption
•    Firewall protection
•    Redundant data centers
•    Dedicated Private Virtual Servers

This means that tabs in the cloud platforms are more secure than the unmanaged on-premise server in your law firm. Only large law firms with sufficient resources can invest to a security level that can be considered closer to that of tabs in the cloud platforms such as Tabs3. A reputable cloud service provider, on the other hand, has the resources to invest in bank-grade security because it’s a platform that serves several businesses.

So, if you’re looking for a fortune-500 league infrastructure, consider settling for tabs in the cloud platforms. Moreover, even if your data is stored on the physical servers in your premises, it’s still exposed to “bad actors” or hackers because you’re connected to the internet anyway.

Work With Windows and Macs

Most law firm offices use Windows on their office desktops. This means that the ability of Mac users to access the data they need from the Windows-based software at the office is limited. That has prompted some law firms to use slow virtual Windows software options on their Mac devices.

But, if you choose to go the tabs in the cloud way, both the Windows and Mac users will enjoy the same experience of boosting productivity. For instance, an employee, who owns a Mac, can access the Virtual Desktop platform from home the same way a Windows user can.

Reliable and Affordable

Private Cloud platforms are designed with enterprise-grade infrastructures and systems that IT professionals manage. This means that they’re not only more reliable but can potentially minimize downtime.

Besides, you don’t have to pull all your operations to a halt every time your firm’s IT department wants to conduct system checks or do some maintenance because professionals at the cloud service provider handle all that. In other words, tabs in the clouds take that logistical burden off your shoulders.

If you deep dive into the cost of managing on-premise IT compared to deploying your data in the cloud, you’ll find that the latter is a cheaper approach. This is mainly because server ownership includes additional costs such as the up-front cost, unplanned IT expenses, and the local IT support cost; this is not the case with tabs in the cloud.


A majority of established law firms have multiple locations across the nation. If these big law firms have remote employees, there is a risk of spreading data and applications to many different centers. While Work from Anywhere is a smart business trend for growing businesses, allowing data to spread to several locations is a huge cybersecurity risk. But, with a Private Cloud solution, you’ll be able to create a central hub in the cloud that is home to all your law firm’s data and applications.

Whether you’re a lawyer, law firm partner, or IT consultant, using tabs in the cloud is a great way to stay relevant in today’s digital environment. If you want your law practice or legal firm to stay relevant, you need to keep pace with innovative IT trends that effectively meet your customer’s needs and expectations. Contact LAN InfoTech today to learn how to utilize the power of tabs in the cloud to boost your law firm’s bottom line.