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What do the leaders of the nation’s biggest tech companies think about the NSA spying program? Many of them are concerned that spying revelations are hurting their business and, by extension, the entire economy of the United States. They explained this to Pres. Obama during a recent meeting held at the White House. The Washington Post chronicled this in a recent story.


Leaders from Cisco Systems, for instance, told the president that it is seeing customers stay away from American-branded technology because they’re concerned about NSA spying, the Post reported. And companies such as IBM, AT&T and Verizon declared that shareholders are angry and concerned their companies may have participated in NSA intelligence programs.


According to the Post, the tech companies told the president that there ought to be limits on the level of spying that the government does. They also requested more transparency in how the NSA operates.

The future

According to the Washington Post, Obama told the tech leaders that he heard and understood their concerns. Next he said that he would keep them in mind as the White House continues its review of how the NSA operates. Of course, there were not any specific promises made. Let’s hope, though, that the NSA spying revelations do not do too much to hurt U.S. tech companies. These businesses, after all, are leading the country’s slow but steady economic recovery.