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This isn’t an easy time to run a small business. Competition remains intense. The economy is still sluggish. And consumers are hesitant to spend their dollars. To thrive today, the owners of small businesses need to be organized. They must make sure their businesses are operating as effectively as they possibly can. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps for iPhone owners that really help business owners organize their days. The Web site Business News Daily recently had a look at some of the more powerful of these apps.

The ultimate calendar

All iPhones come with a default calendar app. But this app is limited. You can’t say that about Fantastical 2, a $1.99 calendar app that will help make business owners more efficient. The app boasts several features, according to Business News Daily. But the most interesting feature? You can tell Fantastical 2 what you need to do — such as saying, “I want to meet Sue for dinner on February fifth” — and the app will automatically schedule your appointment in your calendar. How’s that for a time-saving feature?

Scheduling made more powerful

The Schedule Planner app is free. That’s good. It’s also easy to use, helping you to quickly plan out your day. As Business News Daily reports, you can also color-code tasks based on their category. For instance, you can color work activities blue and free-time activities red. The app will then create charts that show you exactly how you’re spending you’re time. Then you can make changes to become more efficient.


Sure, we all depend on to-do lists to get through the day. But the old-fashioned paper-and-pen lists are limiting. The free app Any.do, though, provides a much-needed update to the humble paper to-do list. This app, for instance, allows business owners to assign tasks to specific categories: today, tomorrow, this week or the far-off someday.

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