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iphone batteryThere is a collection of tips on the internet for saving your phone battery. Some of them, though, seem unrealistic, such as dimming your screen so low you can barely read it or turning off features you truly need on a regular basis [I.E. putting it in Airplane mode]. What is a better use of your time, fiddling with your settings or recharging your phone?

That being said, here are the top 5 reasonable battery-saving tips that actually work:

Turn off Push Email. Do you really need to know right now that Groupon just sent you another deal you will never use? You can save significant battery life by only fetching your email data on command rather than continuously. This is an unnecessary juice suck and time suck.

To turn it off: Navigate to Settings>Mail>Fetch New Data and change “Push” To OFF.

Turn off Equalizer. Unless you are a picky music listener such as a musician yourself or simply need a premium audio experience, there is no need to keep the Equalizer feature turned on. The music still sounds fine without it and though it it’s a cool option, your phone works very hard to deliver this experience on short notice.

To turn it off: Navigate to Settings>Music>Set EQ to OFF.

Sleep After Just One Minute.  An easy fix, but many people do not think to change it. Lock your phone or put it to sleep after 1 minute. Chances are if you haven’t touched it in this time, it should be saving on battery life and not lighting up. You can adjust how long the screen stays lit up after touching the display.

To change this: Navigate to Settings>General>Auto-Lock, then tap on 1 Minute.

Use Wi-Fi, not 4G. Chances are you spend a considerable amount of time either at work or at home and you can easily connect to Wi-Fi via router. To save on battery, the best thing you can do is disconnect that 4G and hook up to the Wi-Fi network. Though it’s a selling perk of the phone, it’s not necessary when you can hook up to Wi-Fi.

To Turn Wi-Fi on: Navigate to Settings>Wi-Fi> Toggle Wi-Fi To On and select the local network [including password if needed].

Turn off Notifications. Sure, missed calls, voicemails and texting are important alerts. But just finished a game on Words with Friends Or Snapchat? This is unlikely to be worth interrupting your workflow or meetings. Be more productive and save your battery life by turning off notifications for your less frequented apps.

To Turn off App Notifications: Navigate to Settings> Notifications and select accordingly.