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Top Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft is the reigning champion of productivity staples. The brand global professionals have come to know for apps like Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint also delivers cloud-based solutions like SharePoint and OneDrive which enable teams to collaborate in real-time.

Evolving with the needs of modern professionals, Microsoft Office transitioned into Microsoft 365, with many of the same productivity apps now cloud-based and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Being able to turn any location into an office via desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone means today’s professionals are no longer tied to four walls – or time zones.

Your New Favorite Office Location

The convenience of Microsoft 365 gives professionals countless benefits, like starting a document on your laptop, making final edits on your tablet, and sharing the document with your team from your email – or using another Microsoft 365 app like Microsoft Teams.

Accessing Microsoft 365 from anywhere without being tied to a desk or physical location is a far more common need today. Modern professionals need the most modern technology, and Microsoft 365 provides enormous opportunities to users by leveraging sophisticated technology to power a family of productivity apps aimed at maximizing efficiency without boundaries.

Limitless Productivity Power Boost

Designed with a focus on efficiency, Microsoft 365 is packed with the ultimate in innovation to maximize workplace productivity. Technology fuels businesses today, and operations depend on true innovation to truly gain a competitive edge. Microsoft 365 users are familiar with a multitude of powerful program extensions, called add-ons, which users supplement Microsoft 365 apps to cater to specific user preferences and needs, including:


A useful add-on to help users quickly and easily find common availability so a group of professionals can schedule a time to meet without wasting time searching multiple calendars or responding to countless back-and-forth emails. Exactly as its name suggests, FindTime shows calendar openings and finds one time that works for everyone.


Take advantage of digital signatures with this add-on and eliminate paper waste from printing pages solely for capturing a live signature. Save time with DocuSign eliminating the need for scanning the pages to an email address or uploading them to an online repository.


While Google Translate is an extremely popular online translation tool for translating websites, this Microsoft 365 add-on is a major benefit for Microsoft 365 users right inside apps. Users can highlight text and Translator recognizes dozens of languages to offer instant translations for you.


Prevent embarrassing grammatical errors with add-on Grammarly. The free version performs essential spelling and grammar reviews and the paid version gives users a deeper inspection to offer suggestions for more improved writing, including a plagiarism detector.

Smooth and Seamless Operation and Security

Microsoft 365 runs just like the productivity staples you’ve come to rely upon, and the same great features from the legacy programs are ready to use in the cloud-based solution. Security is a breeze with the built-in Microsoft 365 security interface, including customizable options to cater to your preferences.

Harness the power of Microsoft 365 and take advantage of the limitless benefits waiting for you!