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LAN Infotech Tech Professionals Volunteers At Ukraine-Poland Border

The LAN Infotech team is proud to share that our very own Vice President of Operations Tim Lambrecht is currently volunteering in a Polish medical clinic to help refugees fleeing war in Ukraine.

Helping Ukrainian Refugees

Tim, a 50-year-old volunteer firefighter and member of the executive team at LAN, was inspired to help the refugees by a Ukrainian firefighter, Sergey Karachenets. Tim thinks of Karachenets like a brother and knew he wanted to help his cause in any way he could.

That’s why Tim recently packed up as many medical supplies as he could and left for Europe. 15 hours later he was in Poland near the Ukraine border, volunteering in a makeshift clinic set up in a shopping mall.

Tim will remain in Poland for a few weeks, working in the clinic to help refugees in need. He has also helped to set up a GoFundMe campaign to support Karachenets, which has already raised tens of thousands of dollars.

“At LAN Infotech we pride ourselves on supporting our communities,” says Michael Goldstein, President, LAN Infotech. “What Tim is doing takes that community service mission we have to another level.”

Ukraine-Poland Border

How LAN Infotech Is Support Tim’s Efforts

The LAN Infotech team could not be more proud of Tim for committing himself to directly helping Ukrainians in need. The least we can do is to continue to pay him while he is overseas.

In order to help him store, track and update data on his work in the clinic, we have also made cloud resources available to Tim. We were also among the first donations to the GoFundMe that Tim helped arrange for Karachenets.

Furthermore, we are maintaining an open line of communication with Tim in order to stay up to date on his work in the clinic and make sure he’s OK. We get texts from him on a daily basis and make sure he knows we’re all thinking of him.

In the coming weeks, we will be praying for Tim’s safety at the Ukraine-Poland border and a swift return when his service is complete. In the meantime, we could not be more proud of him for putting the needs of others before himself.

If you would like to support Tim’s cause, we would urge you to donate to the GoFundMe campaign he helped start for Karachenets.