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What Questions Should You Ask When Choosing An IT Services Company?

The process of finding an IT services provider for your business is as unique as your business, but one challenge everyone shares is how to know if an IT firm is the right partner for your needs.

How can you tell if an IT services provider is right for your business? That depends on the IT firm’s understanding of your IT needs, which depends on you asking the right questions.

How Do You Know What Questions to Ask?

One situation that is becoming more common is for larger national or regional IT firms to expand into newer, smaller markets to compete with local providers, potentially undercutting costs to gain the competitive edge. Saving money is nice, but when this cost savings comes at the sacrifice of service, is your business really saving anything?

A solid relationship with your IT services company means your provider knows your IT needs and commits to the level of attention and support required for your operational infrastructure. Plus, your relationship depends on the reliability and clear communication – from both sides.

To avoid being treated like every other customer, communicate your needs by asking questions to define what will be required from an IT services provider to have a successful relationship:

  • Are you looking for an IT services provider for the short-term or are you looking for a long-term partnership?
  • Do you need an IT company who can come on-site to your location, or are you more comfortable with over-the-telephone IT support?
  • Do you have a set IT strategy, and how do you see your IT services firm supporting your goals and objectives?

This is a good start to see if an IT services company is the right fit for you and if you should continue the conversation.

How Can You Know If An IT Firm Is Right for You?

Your business is unique, with unique needs, just like every IT company is unique. Since you want an IT services provider to individualize the services you receive, you will need to define an approach to IT support that best suits you. Whether national, regional, or local, you need to think about how an IT services company will manage your technology:

  • Does your IT support team have a high level of turnover, or can I count on consistency in talking to the same person or team each time I call?
  • Is your IT support team outsourced or do you have your own in-house IT team?
  • When I call for IT support, is the IT support team local or somewhere else, like a remote call center?

Think about what answers you need in response, and how these answers will impact your decision to partner with an IT services provider. This relationship is pivotal for the technology that powers your business, and your partnership needs to align your IT strategy for the best outcomes.

It Pays to Do Thorough Research

Being thorough in your investigation will help you prevent obstacles from setting you back:

  • Check Google Reviews
  • Read Consumer Reports
  • Research Better Business Bureau Ratings
  • Ask for Case Studies or Success Stories

If the proof is out there, you’ll find it – but most IT services providers are proud of their Google Reviews and Success Stories – if you ask, you’ll save time and get the proof you need faster.