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Which Is Best For Your Business In South Florida?
Windows Azure Storage and Amazon S3 are two of the most popular choices for cloud-based storage, today. Although they are similar in many ways, the professionals at LAN Infotech have chosen Windows Azure as our go-to cloud storage service. Why?
Because when comparing the two, we found that unlike Amazon S3, Windows Azure provides:

  • A complete integration with other Microsoft Windows applications such as SharePoint, SQL Server, and Visual Studio
  • A richer set of cloud platform development tools and infrastructure services, which result in increased productivity.
  • An enhanced simulation environment that can run on a local machine, without the need for Internet cloud connectivity.
  • Configuration and running of multiple and concurrent web and worker/background roles.
  • More robust diagnostics, which are critical to identifying and correcting problems.
  • Complete security for your vital data. We can attach a debugger to find extremely difficult-to-locate bugs.
  • Data centers around the world, everywhere from the USA to Japan, Ireland, Netherlands, China, Singapore, and Brazil. This ensures that failures at a number of locations won’t be enough to cause damage to your data.

Choosing the right cloud-based data storage service comes down to meeting our clients’ organizational needs. In our opinion, Windows Azure is the winner.
For more information about Windows Azure, or for a free assessment of your cloud-storage requirements, send us a message at sales@laninfotech.com or call us at (954) 717-1990.

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