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A highly-rated IT consulting and services company, LAN Infotech cares about the community in which they do business. This is supported by every aspect of how they operate, from their recent charitable donation of prize money to a bicycle race for the Red Cross, to earning a “5” out of a possible 5-star rating on Facebook, to how accessible they are to the marketplace. A leader in providing IT security consulting and solutions in South Florida, LAN Infotech CEO Michael Goldstein meets regularly with community business leaders, appears as a guest on radio shows, and donates his time and expertise freely — apart from his normal business day.

A Trusted Advisor
Mr. Goldstein regularly consults with company executives on a wide range of IT services, helping keep them up to speed regarding the latest IT network security strategies. He likes to refer to having your data center defenses down as being like the U.S.S. Enterprise from “Star Trek” having its shields down in Klingon-infested regions of outer space. He also stresses the importance of creating hard-to-guess passwords and changing them every so often. “Hackers know a lot about you,” says Goldstein. “Be aware of your surroundings online, and don’t open e-mails from people you don’t recognize. Use Microsoft security patches. And, don’t use familiar numbers or words from your life as passwords. Make them as complex as you can.” He also stresses being cautious in areas with “free Wi-Fi,” such as airports, beaches and cafes, where, all too often, hackers lurk and can easily gather personal info about you.
IT Expertise and Profitability
Having a trusted IT security expert such as Michael Goldstein advising you turns out to be good business in more ways than one. By making sure your IT network security is maximized, including disaster recovery and business continuity preparedness, you actually increase your company’s potential profitability. What’s the connection? A fully prepared company won’t lose valuable time and data in the case of an IT disaster, is able to continue doing business where others scramble, losing precious time as servers are updated, data is lost or backed up, and subsequently having their “profitability factors” interrupted or sidelined.
Charitable With Advice, Time and Money
Goldstein enjoys giving his advice, time and even his money to his community. South Florida is better off for his charitable giving, including his recent donation of $2,500 to the “Ride for the Red Cross” at the EAU Palm Beach Resort. Any company or individual would do well to look into Michael and LAN Infotech’s advice, time and expertise as to how best to get South Florida businesses up to speed with their data centers and IT network security. No company is too big or small to benefit from LAN Infotech’s services. “We offer fair and reasonable prices on our services,” says Goldstein on this point.
What Types of Businesses Should Get an IT Network Upgrade?
Any and all of them! LLCs, SMEs and large corporations will all benefit from having their cybersecurity defenses optimized. If you do business with information technology online, and have staff who regularly utilize PCs, mobile devices, iPads and other equipment with cybersecurity vulnerabilities, you are going to want, at the very least, an IT consult from Michael and his team of professionals. Healthcare and government organizations will especially benefit from an immediate IT security upgrade. For a superior IT services experience, LAN Infotech is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks and news. Contact us at (954) 717-1990 or send us an email at sales@laninfotech.com for more information.