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Top-Rated Microsoft Partner For Nonprofits In South Florida

Working in the nonprofit industry requires many fundamental factors. It requires resiliency in the face of defeat. It requires patience in the shadow of obstacles. It requires brainstorming and open-mindedness, and most importantly, it requires a connection. The most successful non-profits are able to differentiate themselves from the rest by successfully connecting not only with the base that they hope to serve, but also with the donor base, the political base, and the community base that they will work within.
This level of connectivity requires a lot of effort. It means being present digitally, being able to find your base where they are already spending their time, and that means differentiating your online presence across the different social platforms, and making your information easy to find and simple to explore by using mainstream tools that are intuitive. This is why working with the Microsoft platform makes sense for Nonprofits who are looking to make an impact in their field.

Microsoft: The Support Nonprofits Need

IT support for South Florida nonprofits can sometimes feel like it is few and far between, but when you begin to explore the resources available through the Microsoft platform you can quickly discover that there are many resources available that can support nonprofits of any size. Microsoft platforms are entirely customizable, making it simple to disseminate information in the ways that make the most sense for reaching your base.
One of the reasons that the Microsoft platform works so well for non-profits is the way that Office 365 can be made accessible on the go, providing for a singular comprehensive resource that can take care of all of your managerial needs. Creating a corporate account for non-profit employees will provide workers with access to Microsoft programs anywhere with an internet connection, regardless of whether or not the program is installed on a device. This includes products like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on devices from desktop computers to phones and tablets, as well as more integrated programs like OneDrive and SharePoint.
One of the most common setbacks that so many non-profits face is limited access to the community as a result of the strains of what one person is capable of doing. When you send a single representative out of the headquarters and into the world, you are cutting them off from their support network and leaving them without immediate access to the updated information they may need to make the biggest impact. But living in the digital age, this does not need to be an issue. With easy access on the go to social media and email updates, there is no reason that every member of the non-profit can’t provide regular updates and download new materials on the fly, allowing your group to have an even bigger impact than previously imagined.

Microsoft: Partner for Nonprofits

Working with Microsoft platforms can make collaboration a breeze, making it simple for activists to update materials from any end of the globe, and to use the Microsoft platforms to edit and format materials in a professional manner from anywhere.
One of the most useful tools for nonprofits on the Microsoft platform is SharePoint, which is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform that makes it easy to edit documents and slideshows, to download updates from peers who are working on the other side of the town, state, or country, and even to collaborate on developing websites that can help you to better reach your base.
The key to success in taking your nonprofit to the next level is getting everyone who is working as part of your team on the same page, and Microsoft’s collaboration tools can make that happen. For more information about how to put Microsoft to work for your nonprofit organization, contact us for support with nonprofit IT services South Florida.