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We Deliver Cloud-based Web Filtering Services that Boost your Productivity

  • Do you need optimized cybersecurity levels to safeguard client and staff data?
  • Are you looking to implement DNS protection as part of your cybersecurity solutions?
  • Are you wary of cyberattacks that may cripple your business operations?

Over 90% of new sites are associated with suspicious web activity. Cybercriminals use domains and URLs to spread malware samples via social engineering tactics and drive-by downloads. Businesses need real-time protection against malicious web domains and URLs to minimize their risk exposure. Partnering with a reliable cybersecurity service provider helps keep your team informed about malicious sites, boosting your security posture.

At LAN Infotech, we deliver smart web filtering solutions that guarantee end-to-end network security solutions. Our IT support team is available round the clock to resolve any arising issues in real-time and guarantee continuous uptime. We can help your team leverage the latest solutions, ensuring that you achieve protection against zero-day threats and malicious sites. 

Web Filtering
Web Filtering Services

Leverage Multiple Benefits from our Web Filtering Solutions

Our cybersecurity solution uses reputation analytics and automated learning content classification to maintain a robust cloud-based IP address and URL database. Let us protect your business from emerging cyber threats with our updated database. Our expert team deploys reliable solutions that minimize your exposure to fast-moving threats. Count on us to deliver enhanced value as we block inappropriate and malicious web content from accessing your networks.

Let us help you control internet access and minimize the threat of phishing and whaling attacks. Our expert team can assess your business needs and deliver customized solutions that match your business requirements. We’ll also help you protect your users from malware, phishing attacks, and ransomware. Our highly scalable filtering solution requires no additional hardware purchases, minimizing your IT expenditure.   
Our web filtering solutions offer multiple benefits to your business, including:

  • Minimized hardware and software costs with our cloud-based solution
  • Detailed cybersecurity reports informing your investment plans
  • IP-enabled security policies that bolster your security
  • Filter dangerous exploits automatically
  •  Access to industry-leading threat intelligence

Web Filtering Solutions By LAN Infotech

LAN Infotech offers efficient cybersecurity services that guarantee the ultimate protection of client information within your networks.

Web-based Management Portal

Our web filtering solution lets you manage your filtering options from any location. We deliver a cloud-based service complete with automated software upgrades. Our tech experts will help you eliminate CPU strain to optimize network performance and internet speed. With our solutions, your business can:

  • Keep historic web activity
  • Observe web activity in real-time
  • Manage and update individual units

Competent Customer Service

Our support team is available round-the-clock to resolve any issues that arise from your web filtering solution. We offer expert IT advice and service that relieves you of the hassle of dealing with an in-house IT staff. Our experienced technicians deliver ongoing maintenance to address issues before they cause significant problems. Partner with us for:

  • Hastened response times
  • Increased profitability with streamlined operations
  • Top-notch support services

Managed Security Services

LAN Infotech implements proactive defenses that block access to business-inappropriate websites. Our solutions help you apply consistent security and controls to protect devices on your networks. Count on us to improve visibility and reporting with simplified visualizations of key metrics. We also offer:

  • Defenses against malicious URLs
  • Advanced domain similarity checks
  • Security awareness training